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Airconditioning Millers Garage Newbury

Millers Garage is one of Newbury's most experienced vehicle air conditioning specialists, we have the latest in specialist servicing and diagnostic equipment for all air conditioning and climate control systems.

All of our technicians have the latest F-Gas qualification which we need to have to legally handle refrigerant.

How the system works:

A/C and climate control systems work the same as a fridge; the compressor pumps the liquid R134a refrigerant around the system., so much that the liquid heats up, it then passes through the radiator (condenser) at the front of the vehicle to cool it, it then compresses the liquid refrigerant so much that as it is passed through either a fixed orifice tube or THC valve, it turns to gas causing super cooling in the system, this then passes through a small radiator (evaporator) inside the vehicle, the air is then blown through this evaporator up thought the heater ducts in to the vehicle.

System maintenance:

The compressor is a vital component which can be very expensive to replace. The pump relies on oil in the system to keep lubricated much the same as an engine does. This is why we recommend an a/c system service every 24,000 miles or 2 years.

We also recommend that every 24,000 miles or 2 years you have passenger cabin antibacterial service carried out, this service kills all the harmful bacteria that's growing in the heater ducts, this bacteria can cause colds, flu or even legionnaires disease.

Aircon Maintenence Newbury

Services offered:

  • Fault finding and diagnosis for faulty systems inc. UV leak dye and nitrogen test.
  • System service, inc. compressor oil and UV leak dye.
  • System ragas only inc. compressor oil.
  • Passenger cabin antibacterial clean using ultra sonic equipment.

Winter usage:

Most people don't know that you can use your a/c system on the hot setting too, this helps to de-mist the car much quicker, the evaporator attracts all the moisture in the air in much the same was a cold glass of water does on a summers day.

Top Tip:

Also using this system briefly every day to de-mist keeps the seals in the system lubricated not allowing the gas to leak out over the winter.

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