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Gasoline Direct Injection inlet Valve and inlet port cleaning

Loss of performance, increased fuel consumption, ignition malfunction and rough idling are symptoms of valve and inlet ducting deposits and contamination. The cause is a combination of exhaust gas re-circulation and crankcase ventilation and a lack of physical flushing effect of the fuel in direct injection systems. Unfavorable driving habits such as frequent short trips and stop and go traffic together with increasing bio ingredients in fuel worsen matters.

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A lot of VW FSI and TFSI engine engines suffer with this and the 1.6ltr turbo and non turbo engine designed by Peugeot and BMW and fitted to Peugeot, Citroen, Ford and BMW Mini cars are especially prone to this fault, but this can happen to any GDI engine where the fuel is being directly injected in to the engine and not flowing over the valves. At Millers garage we can now offer an economical valve cleaning system. The TUNAP 13400 Valve Clean System saves about 70% in terms of repair time and is thus up to two thousand pounds cheaper than older methods such as removal of the cylinder head and cleaning.

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Below is an example of how good this system works, the below car had a misfire under load and had been to various garages before coming to us, we diagnosed the problem and carried out a microflex inlet valve and inlet port clean, as you can see the result is impressive and instead of the £1500 this job would normally cost the average cost is around £250 Inc VAT. The car drove like a different car after, no misfires and no hesitation under load.

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