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Jaguar - Land Rover - Range Rover Diagnostics

Jaguar - Landrover SDD is the diagnostic machine and software used in the Jaguar - Land Rover and Range Rover main dealers, this allows us to work on vehicles from 1998 up to brand new.

Almost all modern vehicles have complex electronic control systems fitted to them, the days of just plugging in a 'basic' scanner to correctly diagnose your vehicle are long gone, that's why we use the Official JLR Diagnostic System when performing diagnostics on your car, this allows us to scan all modules fitted to your vehicle exactly the same as the dealer (not just the engine, airbag and brakes). Below is just an example of some of the modules that could be fitted to your car:

Jaguar - Land Rover - Range Rover diagnostics at Millers Garage
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Engine Electronics control unit
  • Transmission control unit
  • Central Electronics control unit
  • Steering Wheel Communication Module control unit
  • CAN Gateway control unit
  • Immobiliser control unit
  • Door Electronics control units
  • Headlamp Aim control unit
  • Parking Aid module
  • Suspension control unit
  • Restraint Systems control unit
  • Heater/Air Conditioning operating unit
  • Stability Control Module control unit
  • Battery Management System control unit
  • The List goes on...
Jaguar - Land Rover - Range Rover diagnostics at Millers Garage

The ability to obtain a reliable diagnostic scan/report of your vehicle is only the first stage, because we use the Official system we also have access to their online EPC (Electronic Parts Catalogue), this ensure we can correctly identify the exact part(s) required to repair your vehicle, we also have access to the manufacturers TSB's (Technical Service Bulletin's) this informs us of known issues and fixes that occur once the vehicle has entered the retail sector.

We also have the ability to perform software updates and module coding/adaptions, key programming and much more......

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