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Manufacture servicing at Millers Garage

We offer servicing to the manufacture schedule whether that be because your vehicle is still under warranty or that you just would prefer your vehicle serviced this way, we service all makes and models and using the dealers online portals we can access the correct service schedule due for your car and even update digital service books where applicable.

These services are quoted on a POA basis as the costs and work carried out are always different for every vehicle,

We do specialise in the servicing of the following makes, Mercedes-Benz, BMW/Mini, Jaguar/Land Rover/Range Rover, Volkswagen/Audi/Seat/Skoda/Bentley, Volvo, Toyota/Lexus, Ford and Vauxhall, click on the links for more service information regarding these specific makes.

We also update the new vehicle DSB's (Digital Service Books)

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