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BMW - Mini at Millers Garage

We are a fully approved independent BMW - Mini specialist, offering a comprehensive care package for your brand new or pre-owned BMW whilst maintaining your manufactures warranty.

Millers Garage independent BMW - Mini specialist only uses original BMW parts, this ensures that your car will perform to the exact standards and safety that the original manufacturer intended. This protects your right and choice as to where your car is serviced and repaired.

  • BMW Trained technician's
  • BMW Tech Info
  • BMW Diagnostics
  • Genuine Parts
  • Genuine oil
  • Online Service Book
  • BMW Wheel Alignment
  • BMW - Mini intake valve de-coke
  • Automatic gearbox mega flush service

BMW - Mini servicing

At Millers garage we have been expertly servicing BMW vehicles for over 35 years and Mini's for over 10 years, from the small 1 series to the stunning M series all the way up to the luxury 7 series we will ensure the best service to your vehicle.

We only use OE quality parts and Castrol engine oil when servicing your BMW - Mini and our technicians are trained to the highest standards, so you can rest assured your car is in the best possible hands. BMW have two types of the service plans, both are explained below.

BMW Inspection Servicing (pre 2002)

Some of the older BMW models (& the newer X3 & Z4) still use the more traditional Inspection Service regime. The Inspection Service regime works by routinely

BMW Condition Based Servicing (CBS servicing, post 2002 )

Newer BMW models now feature Condition Based Servicing (CBS), which supersedes the older Inspection 1 & 2 style service system. CBS works by using sensors to constantly monitor driving style, cold starts, oil condition and parts subjected to wear and when the service component is no longer working at full efficiency. It will alert the driver by lighting up the service symbol on the dashboard.

  • We use BMW service schedules
  • We use the BMW Key reader to access service due information
  • We use BMW technical information
  • We use BMW diagnostic tools
  • We use OE quality or BMW parts
  • We use Castrol engine oil
  • We update the BMW Digital Service Book
  • We can carry out full 4 wheel alignment using BMW equipment

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BMW CBS service dash symbol and there meanings


If you pop in with your key we will be able to assess the service due information in order to provide the appropriate service recommendations for your BMW - Mini

BMW - Mini Diagnostics

We are members of the dealer BMW online network with access to the genuine BMW diagnostic tool and technical information, if you any electrical issues, warning lights on your dash or a system isn't working we have the knowledge and tools for the job

  • BMW ISTA Diagnostics
  • BMW Tech information
  • BMW Software updates
  • BMW Module programming