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Diagnostics, what is it? You may have heard this term before but may not know what it really means, the term diagnostics is word used for vehicle electrical fault finding and repair, this could be whether you have an electrical fault with a symptom i.e. the horns not working or an fault warning lamp has illuminated on your dash indicating you that there is a system fault even though there may be no symptoms. Below are some of the more common fault warning lights you will find on the modern day vehicle.

Vehicle Diagnostics Millers Garage Newbury

These warning lights will illuminate when the related control unit realises there's a fault within its system or connected systems, the unit will them store a fault code or DTC (Diagnostic trouble code), we use a Diagnostic machine to extract this stored fault code to aid us in our fault finding.

Coterie to popular belief fault codes do not tell us what is wrong with the vehicle nor do they tell us how to fix the vehicle, the code is a computers interpretation of what is wrong with the vehicle. Some garages including main dealers will just replace a component the fault code relates too, this is foolish as most of the time the code is relating to symptom of the fault not the cause.

At Millers Garage "WE DON'T GUESS, WE TEST" using the very latest diagnostic tools, electrical test equipment and manufacture technical information we write an efficient test plan for each case and follow it to ensure a first time accurate fix which although may be more expensive for the investigation in the end will work out far more better value for money for you the customer.

If you book your vehicle in with us for diagnostics we will do an initial appraisal of the fault, this includes talking to you about the fault and its symptoms, road testing the vehicle to confirm the fault and then performing a full vehicle control unit scan, once we have obtained fault codes we will road test the vehicle again monitoring any relevant sensor readings, from this we will formulate a test plan and contact you regarding suspected out come and cost


Vehicle Diagnostics Millers Garage Newbury

The Bosch DCU130 and KTS570 is the market leading multi-make aftermarket diagnostic equipment but equipped with the FSA500 engine analyser this set up is the pinnacle of fault finding tools to repair the modern vehicle.

Multi-Make Diagnostics Millers Garage Newbury

We have many other aftermarket tools including specialist Japanese, American and French vehicle tools

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