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3D wheel alignment tyres

3D wheel alignment and tyres

Incorrect wheel alignment setting will cost you money, the two main problems this will cause you is your tyres will prematurely wear out and it will cause your fuel consumption to raise due to drag caused by the tyres. With the way the roads are nowadays i.e. speed bumps and pot holes, it doesn't take much to knock your vehicle wheel alignment out of spec. We recommend you have it checked at least once a year and whenever you renew your vehicles tyres. We can cater for all vehicles, cars, vans and even light commercials.

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We have the Latest 3D wheel alignment technology, The 3D Wheel Aligner is the most precise and efficient aligner on the market, This is far more advanced than the common laser systems most garages use, The 3D alignment is the only aligner that sets the wheel alignment to the thrust line of the vehicle, therefore insuring unbeatable accuracy. We measure the front and rear toe, camber and caster angles. Upon completion you will receive a full colour print out of the before and after readings.

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Services we offer:

  • FREE 3D Wheel alignment check on all cars and vans complete with print out
  • 3D Front wheel alignment check and adjust to manufacture specs.
  • 3D Four wheel geometry check and adjust to manufacture specs.
  • Mercedes Benz wheel alignment, we have specialist equipment that Mercedes Benz vehicles require to carry out alignment correctly.
  • Specialist un-seizing equipment to un-seize the most stubborn adjustment bolts.
  • Competitive rates but most importantly we do the best job possible, we are the complete alignment specialist.
  • Competitive rates for trade and body shops
  • We even offer a customer geometry set up for modified or performance vehicles, tell us what you want your vehicle set to and we will do the rest.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call Glenn, Terry or Nigel on 01635 46757 or email on

Tyres at Millers Garage in Newbury

Our aim is to become the one stop shop for all your vehicle needs. So in 2009 we started to supply and fit our own tyres in house. This has grown over time and now we have now become one of Berkshire's best value tyre suppliers.

With demand growing tenfold in the last year, we have invested in the very latest fitting equipment allowing us to change the tyres on all the modern day vehicles including all the latest Run Flat tyres.

We also have all the equipment needed to reset all the modern day tyre pressure monitoring systems.

Services we offer:

  • Standard Tyre fitting steel/alloy up to 26".
  • Specialist in 4x4 fitting, Winter Tyres and Run Flat Tyres.
  • A wide range of Tyres available from stock and fitted same day - £POA.
  • Puncher repairs - £21 Inc VAT
  • Harder to get/rare Tyres available next day.
  • FREE tyre pressure check and reset.
  • While you wait service, relax with a coffee in our clean, comfortable reception waiting area equipped with a TV and free Wi-Fi.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to call Glenn, Terry or Nigel on 01635 46757 or email on

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