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Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning at Millers Garage in Newbury

Air conditioning or Climate control systems are integral part of the modern vehicle, these system work all the time in the background to make sure the passengers are comfortable.

Like an engine this system needs servicing, the compressor is the engine for the air con system and it is a vital component which can be very expensive to replace. The pump relies on oil in the system to keep lubricated much the same as an engine does. This is why we recommend an a/c system service every 24,000 miles or 2 years.

We also recommend that every 24,000 miles or 2 years you have passenger cabin antibacterial service carried out, this service kills all the harmful bacteria that's growing in the heater ducts, this bacteria can cause colds, flu or even legionnaires disease.

We have specialised in Air conditioning for over 20 years, we have been ruthless in our pursuit of perfection and created our own unique leak test procedure that allows us to diagnose the fault with a system first time, every time.

We are so confident in our ability we offer a 12 month leak guarantee with all our air conditiong work, if the system stops working due to gas leaking we will carry out our leak diagnosis free of charge (All repairs required charged at RRP)

  • Fault finding and diagnosis for faulty systems inc. UV leak dye and nitrogen test.
  • System service, inc. compressor oil and UV leak dye.
  • System ragas only inc. compressor oil.
  • Passenger cabin antibacterial clean using ultra sonic equipment.
  • Pollen filter changing
  • 12 Month Leak Guarantee

Winter usage:

Most people don't know that you can use a vehicles a/c system on its hot setting too, this helps to de-mist the car much quicker, the evaporator attracts all the moisture in the air in much the same was a cold glass of water does on a summers day.

Top Tip:

Also using this system briefly every day to de-mist keeps the seals in the system lubricated not allowing the gas to leak out over the winter.

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