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  • Worshop Pictures July 2019

    Post content for Worshop Pictures July 2019

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  • Team Photos Updated 2019

    Post content for Team Photos Updated 2019

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  • IMI Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement

    IMI Level 3 Award in Electric/Hybrid Vehicle System Repair and Replacement. .....Congratulations to Tom Batt for successfully completing the IMI 3rd Level of Electric / Hybrid Training via Bosch Training....June 2019. Well done and more training continues down the Bosch Diagnostic Technician Programme.   

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  • Top Technician Winner 2018

    Top Technician Winner 2018 - Shaun MillerShaun Miller has been named as Top Technician 2018, identifying him as the best garage professional in the UK.  The Top Technician final held Saturday 23rd June 2018, saw Shaun win the 2018 against tough competition, after coming runner up in 2017.

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  • Fault code P242F DPF Filter Blocked

    Fault code P242F DPF Filter BlockedWe had this Audi Q7 in with the DPF light on the dash, it had been to the local Audi dealer who had told the customer that it wanted a new DPF at a cost of over £1000.The customer came to us for a second opinion, using our proven award winning diagnostic routein we not only found the route cause of the ...

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  • Shaun in the Top Technician final 2018

    Another year and another year of training goes ahead for our technicians, Shaun has always looked to push himself and has entered the Top Technician compassion for a number of years now and so far coming runner up in 2017 is his best achievement. And in 2018 two of our other technicians Jason and Tom both entered the competition for t ...

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  • Audi A5 DPF pressure sensor fault P242F

    This stunning Audi A5 came in to us with an engine warning lamp on with Fault code P242F Particulate filter malfunction, the fault code only tells us there is a malfunction with the particulate filter system it doesn't tell us what has caused the fault.Following our ruthless diagnostic routine we soon found and proved the fault, the DPF pres ...

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  • Top Technician 2017

    Top Technician Blog  Training the "Millers Way"  Further Training of our technicians is so important our business, the car industry has evolved at a rapid pace over the last 15 years, as cars are so reliant on technology and computers , cars are now developing as quick as the computer industry, no sooner have we learnt abou ...

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  • Millers Garage Joins The DPF Doctor Network 01-03-2018

    Millers Garage Joins the DPF Doctor network   Diesel Particulate filters have been a growing problem in our industry for some time, this is not new technology and for anyone who owns a diesel vehicle I'm sure the letters DPF have given you some sleepless nights.  What we used to do We have led the way in ...

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