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DPF Clean and Repair

The DPF Clean and Repair at Millers Garage

At Millers Garage we are a member of the DPF Doctor network. The network is made up of independent DPF specialists that can accurately diagnose your DPF problem and any underlying faults that have caused your DPF Light to appear.

We will advise you of the reason for your DPF problem, fix it and then give you some honest advice on how to get the best out of a DPF equipped vehicle.

We carry multiple professional diagnostics tools as well as the skill set required to offer a fast, efficient service.

DPF Doctor

So What Do We Do?

  • Diagnose the cause
  • Repair the cause of the fault
  • We perform a 3 Stage In-Situ DPF clean
  • We'll Restore Lost MPG
  • We'll Restore Lost Performance
  • Provide You with A Fast and Efficient Service
  • Pre and Post Diagnostic Report For Your Peace of Mind of A Successful Clean

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